JOKAklubi invites you to join a group trip, which we organise February 20, 2021, at 19.00 CET / 8PM EET in zoom!

A group trip without travel insurance. Together we share both risk and fun.
Pack a candle, a drink a sun hat and sunglasses – and show up!

Anyone who has experienced JOKAklubi´s live performances can expect a familiar wild and engaging spirit online as well.
For the first-timers - just say YES! to JOKAklubi's invitation to join a group trip, even if it doesn't seem to make any sense...
You will come back home lighter, and feel the sun on your skin long after the return.

For all of you: Pack a candle, a snack, a drink, a sun hat and sunglasses in your suitcase and show up online February 20 at 19.00 CET.
We will experience a lot together over the 1.5 hour trip!

Get your free travel ticket: EVENTBRITE and you will receive a zoom link.

JOKAklubi´s online performance “Die Gruppenreise” is part of KISMET exhibition by Niina Lehtonen Braun and JOKAklubi at SCOTTY
(February 20 – March 20, 2021). SCOTTY is an artist-run project space in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Learn more about your travel guides, the performance group JOKAklubi (Niina Lehtonen Braun, Tellervo Kalleinen and Mirka Raito) here.

Thank you: Kone Foundation