• When Jun 09, 2017 06:00 PM to Jun 18, 2017 07:00 AM (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
  • Where Hilbertraum / Reuterstrasse 31 / Berlin
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Mirka Raito PALASINA / IN PIECES Collages & interactive Objects

Loose things. loose thoughts, loose contacts, items and uniques. Feelings of being lost. Takeoffs, layoffs, freaking out und detaching oneself. Movabels. There for concepts, contexts, concentration and conflicts. To-Do lists, odd socks, stray cats, waste. More loose things. Displaced persons or people without identitity. Loose memories and loose moments – Can you puzzle with that? Where does this all belong?

Mirka Raito‘s exhibition PALASINA – IN PIECES consists of collages and objects made of found things; sketches, cardboards, plants, paintings and photos. Things that were laying around on the street or in the bush, small treasures. Things that disturb and/or fascinate. Things that connect something. In her works Mirka Raito puts pieces playful and meditative together by cutting out, sticking up, combining. Without necessity or compulsion. For being in this moment. To catch the moment. Entire moment.

Welcome to the opening on 9th June from 6 to 10 pm!
HilbertRaum / Reuterstr. 31 / 12047 Berlin /  U-Hermannplatz /


opening hours:
Fri 6 pm- 10 pm, Sat+Su 2-7 pm

Irrallisia Asioita

  • When Mar 11, 2017 12:00 AM to Mar 25, 2017 05:00 PM (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)
  • Where Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari - Pikkujätkä Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Helsinki
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Mirka Raito: Irrallisia Asioita / Loose Things 11.3.– 26.3.2017 in gallery Huuto Jätkäsaari - Pikkujätkä

Opening on Friday 10th of March 6 - 8 pm. Welcome!

Life is loose things: loose memories, loose moments, loose thoughts, loose relationships, feelings of being loose, trying to find a connection between things or hoping to feel related to something. Life is about solving concepts and contexts. To-Do lists, odd socks, stray cats, movabels, waste, displaced persons or people who lost themselves. Takeoffs, layoffs, missing pieces, freaking out or detaching oneself from the past to be able to arrive at this moment.

Mirka Raito’s exhibition Loose Things consists of collages and paintings made of found pictures, sketches, incomplete works and photos that were still laying around in her archives, waiting for the next step. The first impulse for the new works came from an urge to clear and clean up, to sort the things which at first glance seemed to be just loose. There is something playful and meditative in putting pieces together without an urgent instinct for storytelling or the necessitity to argue for a connection between loose parts. Raito is interested in portraying worlds of the subconscious and working associatively.

Mirka Raito gets impulses from motives that disturb or fascinate her. Perhaps the motive awakens a childhood memory, feelings of tenderness, hate or hope. In her collages one can find many overlapping pictures as in a falsely combined puzzle. The pictures hide other pictures or something has been cut out of them. The viewer’s gaze collects landscapes, faces, eyes, plants and constructions in the guts of the fragmentary pictures. Sometimes there is only a few lines, a crisscross or a sketch left after the process and we are luckily back at the starting point.





I Almost Said

  • When Oct 01, 2016 07:00 PM to Oct 16, 2016 06:00 PM (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
  • Where Hamburg Admiralitätstraße 74, 20459 Hamburg
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JOKAklubi & Miia Rinne
Video, Installation, Performance
Opening 1. October 2016 at 7 pm. 
Exhibition open: Tuesday Wednesday & Friday 3-7pm  & Saturday & Sunday 3-6pm

FINAL_I_almost_said_by_JOKAklubi and Miia_Rinne.jpg

JOKAklubi is a performance trio consisting of visual artists Niina Lehtonen Braun, Mirka Raito and Tellervo Kalleinen. The group started in 2009, but the roots go 25 years back to Helsinki where they performed for parents and neighbours as kids. 
JOKAklubi is always working with guest artists – and depending on who, what and where, a unique ambience emerges. The exhibition I Almost Said is made in collaboration with Finnish media artist Miia Rinne, whose new work Beautiful Confusion forms a strong dialogue with JOKAklubi´s work.
JOKAklubi shows three video works. The Long Goodbye - made to the music of Karl Jonas Winqvist & Blood Music - has an intense feeling of a never stopping journey. Three figures in blue collect materials from different landscapes all around the world, until it´s time to meet on a little square. The Ends -video plays with the idea of the film, which is said to run in front our eyes as we die. The work consists of scrolling end credits, where people thank people for specific things throughout their life. The exhibition visitors can submit their personal end credits and see them running in the exhibition as well. In the third video, I Almost Said, JOKAklubi sings sentenses, which people once wanted to say for someone – but didn´t. The opening performance Time Machine invites the audience to look into the memories they´d like to live again – and be surprised.
Miia Rinne joins Time Machine with a live installation performed with her twin sister Piia Rinne. The installation includes live drumming, nostalgic c-cassettes played with 4-track cassette recorder and visuals made with overhead projector.
In Westwerk Miia Rinne also premieres the new film Beautiful Confusion that is a fourth part of her series of painted films. Beautiful Confusion is hand painted directly on 35 mm film and then scanned for digital after process. It is typical of Rinne to open-mindedly use different techniques and mix older and more recent material with each other and make something new out of them. The soundtrack of Beautiful confusion is built with the same principle as the image, using different technical layers. Rinne is interested in the integration of strong visual and auditory stimuli. No wonder that the films have a fanciful and hypnotic effect.





Unissakävijät / Dreamwanderers / Schlafwanderer

  • When Aug 07, 2016 to Aug 22, 2016 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
  • Where Kolin Ryynänen / Ylä-Kolintie / Koli /Finland
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Mirka Raitos art project Dreamwanderers / Dreams and other Vision from Koli“ invites all dreamers to share their nocturnal dreams placed at Koli area. Also strange and weird visions, premonitions and wonders placed at Koli area are welcome. Your vision can also be mixture of childhood memory and fantasy. The dream or vision doens‘t have to be your own one. It can be someone elses. The only limitation is that the shared dream or vision has to be placed at Koli area - you dreamed something that happened at Koli.


Artist Mirka Raito are receiving dreams at the Koli Ryynänen Residency until 21st of August 2016. She will create a hiking map out of all the dreams and visions. With the finished „dream hiking map“ everybody can dive in to the dreams of someone else and make a magic dream hiking in the landscapes of Koli. The hiking map should include magic, weird and gorgeous places from your dreams, nightmares and visions.

You can send or bring your dream direct to Koli Ryynänen Recidency and it can be dokumented in form of drawing or text. In Mirka Raitos small exhibition "Dream Wanderers" in Kolin Ryynänen you will also find a mailbox for your dream but you are also welcome to tell your dream at 21st of August to the open Studio between 12 to 6pm. Mirka Raito will be present and dokument your dream by drawing and writing. Your dream will be located and marked on the big map of dreams.


You can send your dream via mail untill 21st of August 2016:

Dream Wanderers“
Mirka Raito
c/o Kolin Ryynänen

Ylä-Kolintie 2a, 83960 Koli



















Malerei, Objekte, Fotografie, Installation, Performance
Vernissage am 26.5.2016 um 18Uhr im Westwerk Admiralitätstraße 74, 20459 Hamburg

Achterbahn ist Hokuspokunst / The Dome of Konsum / Geistes- und Unterhaltung

Die Achterhaus Ateliers präsentieren mit "Achterbahn" einen 3-tägigen Jahrmarkt-Trubel mit Kunst, Können und Kompetenz. Herrrrreinspaziert, liebe Trittbrettfahrer! Alle teilnehmenden Künstler verlassen zum ersten Mal gemeinsam ihr Winterlager und zeigen gewagte Solonummern und Gruppenarbeiten. Ohne Netz und ohne Prothese. Wir kommen! Alle zusammen!

Katrin Bethge / Tanja Bolduan / Charlotte Crome / Daniel Van Eendenburg / Nils Emde / Katharina Gschwendtner / Frauke Hänke
/ Claus Kienle / Antoni Knigge / Elmar Lause / Til Mette / Cecile Noldus / Mirka Raito / Sylvie Ringer / Sünje Todt / Stephanie Wunderlich

am Donnerstag den 26.5. ab 18 Uhr
am Freitag den 27.5. 16-21Uhr
am Samstag den 28.5. 16-21 Uhr


The Long Goodbye

JOKAklubi´s new video work is inspired by the instrumental piece "The Long Goodbye" by Karl Jonas Winqvist & Blood Music.
To be seen at the KATKO gallery Tampere, Finland, 25th May - 19th June 2016.


Close Your Eyes

Malerei Zeichnung Collage

Vernissage: Freitag, 13. Nov. 18 – 20 Uhr
Finnissage: Samstag, 5. Dez. 17– 20 Uhr
Ausstellung geöffnet Di–Sa 12-18 Uhr


Charlottenstrasse 95. HH 2. OG.
U-Kochstrasse, Berlin-Kreuzberg