Mirka Raito | OLD SALT

December 2 - 22, 2022


Thursday, December 1

6 - 9 pm

in the presence of the artist


Mirka Raito | OLD SALT

Snow is delighted to present OLD SALT, Mirka Raito’s first solo exhibition at Snow.

Essential for life, the eternal, ubiquitous substance, the preserving, destroying, seducing salt has been a continuous ingredient in Mirka Raito’s working process, visible and invisible, pulling the colour together or glistening on the surface of the paper. In the exhibition OLD SALT she presents new paintings and collages in ensemble with different frames and fabrics.

“Old salt, vanha suola, makes you thirsty, like the alluring ex-lover’s pull, in a Finnish saying. In more general terms, there are things and ingredients in life such as salt that never vanish, but morph into another form appearing again as a mark, stain, tears, sweat, from skin…With my art, I am working through old bumps of my past, that still today affect life, that still sting like salt in a wound. I find something intimate and universal, something exquisite in salt, evoked images of landscapes and traces, of taste and scent

Mirka Raito, Hamburg, 13.11.2022

Mirka Raito (1975) is a Finnish visual artist based in Hamburg, Germany. She grew up in Helsinki, Finland and spent a lot of time playing in spinneys and backyards between concrete and trees. The atmosphere of transit, waiting and longing for somewhere else that prevailed in her childhood had a strong influence on Raito's artistic work and on her way of being in the world.

Mirka Raito’s work encompasses multiple mediums like painting, drawing, installation, performance and collage. Essential for her artistic work are intuitive and playful working processes as well as emotional and intimate atmosphere. Raito studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and graduated from the department of painting in 2002 (MA). Since 2003, Raito has lived in Hamburg and completed postgraduate studies at the Hamburg University of Arts in 2006-08.

Snow, Brunnenstrasse 170, 10119, Berlin, Germany