Solo exhibition CLOSE YOUR EYES in Showroom Berliini, Berlin 2015

Many years ago I took a series of photographs of my sleeping friends. To take these photographs I spent the night with them, shooting the pictures with a flashlight whilst they slept. The flashlight was like a burglary in the darkness full of dreams. After more than ten years later I found these photos again, and they became an essential theme of my work for the exhibition CLOSE YOUR EYES in Showroom Berliini.

In the Finissage Mirka Raito & Niina Lehtonen Braun showed the Performance „Station Nox“. Station Nox was asking you to share your nocturnal dreams. All sorts of dreams were welcome; an ordinary dream, a repeating dream or a nightmare.

Exhibition included different series of works:
FLORA NOX: collages with ink, photos of sleeping persons and dry flowers.
SLEEPY SLEEPERS round form ink paintings on paper
and serie of PAINTING on canvas and ink DRAWINGS on paper