Collages & interactive Objects

solo exhibition @HilbertRaum, Berlin

Loose things. loose thoughts, loose contacts, items and uniques. Feelings of being lost. Takeoffs, layoffs, freaking out und detaching oneself. Movabels. There for concepts, contexts, concentration and conflicts. To-Do lists, odd socks, stray cats, waste. More loose things. Displaced persons or people without identitity. Loose memories and loose moments – Can you puzzle with that? Where does this all belong?

Mirka Raito‘s exhibition PALASINA – IN PIECES consists of collages and objects made of found things; sketches, cardboards, plants, paintings and photos. Things that were laying around on the street or in the bush, small treasures. Things that disturb and/or fascinate. Things that connect something. In her works Mirka Raito puts pieces playful and meditative together by cutting out, sticking up, combining. Without necessity or compulsion. For being in this moment. To catch the moment. Entire moment.