How about sip of WONDER LOVE HATRED DESIRE JOY or SADNESS? Hamburg 2020

RESERVOIR is an interactive performance...

through storages and threatment rooms in the basement of a bunker. Six tanks and a bar for the passions of the soul. Pool of black thoughts. I WAS HERE -sing in wall. Mantra stairs. The tour through the installations was guided by the artist her self as a caretaker in black uniform and with a protective equipment.

2020 @Altonale Festival showed MISCHPULK the INTERVISIONS#9 created by seven artists/artists duo. INTERVISIONS#9 parcours-installation of 7 x 7 minutes performances took place in seven floors in a Bunker in Hamburg with dance, installation, sound, interaction....

MISCHPULK: Konstantin Bessonov, Lukasz Chrobok, Philipp van der Hejden, Iris Minich, Lisa Rykena & Anne Schneider
gast artists: Mirka Raito, Sven Janetzko & Guy Marsan