is painting dreams, missing persons, lost persons, secretly loved persons, Alter Egos and muses. Since 2015


Next to the big public park PLANTEN & BLUMEN in Hamburg is a remand prison. The prisoners and their relatives or friends can comminicate with each other by shouting. These dialogues are part of the daily audiovisuals of that certain place. Hinteconti, Hamburg 2008

KABINETTi 2005-2010

I asked friends and relatives to write down a memory based description. This description should tell about an important or unforgettable person, place or even a situation. I asked the description to be as visual as possible, like a picture. No name should be mensioned.


Notices about small disturbing or exhiting things and situations. Something like a flirt or embarrassment or unclear hunch. Or that thing when friend of mine took secretly a photo of a woman he was enamored in. A beautiful photo came out. Based on this photo I made a painting. I gave this painting as a birthday present to this friend. He was kind of embarrassed and hided the painting. Oksasenkatu, Helsinki 2013