Installation "Knoten Pflanzen im Garten" was a part of a exhibition together with Tatjana Sarah Greiner in artspace Hinterconti in Hamburg. Knoten Pflanzen is a work about special place in Hamburg by the prison beside the big city garden "Planten & Blumen". There is a place where friends and relatives can reach the prisoners by shouting from the Garden to the windows of the prison. Specially summer evenings there might be many people discussing and shouting from garden to prison. It is a strange mixture of simultaneous sounds. These dialogues in many different languages with male and female voices are often quite private, but in this place they are coming public like the birdsong or sound of the fountain. These dialogues and sentences like "I love you!" which are normally private must be shouted very loud. In my work I wanted to transport this atmosphere but change the situation to more interactive for outsider.Installation elements: artificial grass-carpet, spot-light, plastic-curtains, wooden swing, flower arrangement, sound (recorded dialogues by the prison-wall).