a play with the body and contours of a painting. Collages and objects with a temporary and variable look made out of sketches, cardboards, plants, paintings and photos. Things that were found, things that were laying around on the street or in the bush, small treasures. Things that disturb and/or fascinate. HilbertRaum, Berlin 2017
Jeans Hair Branch Jeans Hair Branch

material collage (jeans, artificial hair, vase, branch, wooden stretcher / 100 x 80 cm / 2017

Behind Your Back Behind Your Back

material collage (porcelain, mirror, canvas, rope, branch / 90,5 x 81 cm / 2017

Nails Nails

collage (cardboard, porcelain, branches, nails, salt shaker) / 54 x 49 cm / 2017

Bodies Bodies

collage (cardboard, rope, stones, wood, pencil) / 52 x 52cm / 2017

Bowl Bowl

collage (cardboard, porcelain, branches with mushrooms, crayons, super ball) / 53 x 52 cm / 2017